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三角形立體眼鏡套, 三層眼鏡套, 旅行必備, 刻字服務, 客製化禮物

三角形立體眼鏡套, 三層眼鏡套, 旅行必備, 刻字服務, 客製化禮物


This glasses case is specially made into a three-dimensional shape with a three-layer glasses case, which is simple and avant-garde.   is made of tree paste cowhide imported from France, which is strong and durable. And the leather has enough oil, it will grow slowly with use, and the more you use it, the more beautiful it is. The three-layer glasses compartment is mainly for bringing several pairs of glasses suitable for different occasions when traveling, or suitable for family travel occasions, _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_Convenient storage. The glasses cover can be hung after opening, which is convenient for use~

  • Shipping and Shipping:

    ***Price includes shipping

    About Shipping:

    Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mainland China: We usually use SF Express to deliver, and it takes about 2-5 working days to deliver. Taiwan customers need to register the APP "Yiliwei" with their real names first And provide your ID number to fill in the waybill :)

    Other countries will use Hong Kong Post to send, and it usually takes about 14-28 working days to send. (Except for special circumstances)

  • personalise:

    - This product can be engraved with your own name, simple words. Name and simple words


    - If there are more than 20 single-character characters in the engraving (such as Peter, 5 characters are counted), additional processing fees will be charged if the character limit is exceeded, please contact the designer if necessary.


    - If you want to engrave some special symbols/patterns, you can tell us, we will try our best to help you realize it

  • size:

    (after storage)
    Length: 19.5cm
    Width: 10cm
    Height: 9cm

  • Precautions:

    • All leather will have growth lines, insect bites,   are natural scars, which is a normal phenomenon
    • In different places, lights, mobile phones, computers, the color will have color difference
  • maintainance:

    • It is best to do maintenance every three months. You can use our complimentary leather wax or mink oil (available in leather stores) with cotton cloth, dip a little and then apply a thin layer on the leather in circles. After the leather absorbs Repeat two more times (three times in total).
    • Now there is a wax layer on the waxed leather, so you don’t need to maintain it, because there is a chance that the wax layer will be wiped off. You can maintain it after the wax layer absorbs/falls off. You can maintain the vegetable tanned leather first.
  • detail:

    • A variety of leathers, colors are available 
    • Triangular three-dimensional design
    • Large grain brass button closure 
    • Three grid glasses
    • Can be engraved
Font Style
Symbol p.1
Symbols p.2
Symbols p.3
Symbols p.4
Symbols p.5
Branded Color

​About Lettering/Symbols and Ironing

- 刻字: 只有字體4是有大小寫,其他字款只有大寫

- 符號/圖案:下單時在備註欄裡註明付號的號碼或聯絡我們

- 字燙金/銀服務 : (需加上加工費用,費用視乎字數而定) *注意字款只有1種喔 (如圖)

- Monogram / 圓印刻字:(需加上HKD 50, 約NT 193的加工費用)圓型直徑是 1 1/8",圓型內分三部份 (左,中,右),可刻上您名字的草簽 / 您心水的拼法

- 注意由於字粒是一顆一顆用人手手沖刻上的,我們會很盡力做到最好, 但不可能做到完美直線/整齊的,