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(material kit, finished product) Double layer card holder

(material kit, finished product) Double layer card holder


This card holder is made from Italian bark bark for a soft texture. There are two compartments inside the card surface, which can separate your own business card from the business card given by others. Cards can be pushed up on the semi-circular position at the bottom, easy to put and take out. The card cover can also be engraved with your name, which is more personalized!

  • 運費及運送:



    香港,澳門,台灣,中國大陸: 我們一般會用順豐快遞運送, 需要約2-5個工作天運送. 台灣的客人需要先實名註冊APP "易利委" 及提供身份證號碼來填寫運單喔:)

    其他國家會使用香港郵政寄出, 一般約需要14-28個工作天寄送. (特別情況除外)

  • 個性化:

    - 這產品可刻上你專屬名字, 簡單字句. 名字及簡單字句是免費的.

    - 如刻字如多於30字以上請與設計師聯絡, 需收取額外的加工費用.

    - 如你有些特殊符號/圖案想刻的話可以告訴我們,我們盡量幫你實現!

  • 尺寸:

    長: 4 吋
    寬: 2.5 吋
    厚: 0.25 吋

  • 注意事項:

    - 所有真皮都會有生長紋,是自然的傷痕,屬正常現象

    - 在不同地點,燈光,手機,電腦,顏色是會有色差的喔

    - 製作時間需5-7個工作天,不包括假日及星期日

    - 由於此款體積比較小,寄郵政比較化算,香港及澳門需2-3個工作天,台灣及其他地方需7-10工作天,如急件可聯絡我們改發快遞,注意星期六和星期日是不派件的

  • maintainance:

    - It is best to do maintenance every three months. You can use our complimentary leather wax or mink oil (available in leather stores) with cotton cloth, dip a little and then apply a thin layer on the leather in circles, and absorb it on the leather Repeat two more times (a total of three times).

    - Now there is a wax layer on the waxed leather, so you don’t need to maintain it, because there is a chance that the wax layer will be wiped off. You can maintain it after the wax layer absorbs/falls off. You can maintain the vegetable tanned leather first.

  • teaching:

    - Threading / Measuring Thread Length / Stitching

  • About the material pack:

    The material kit contains the following items:

    • leather material
    • manual
    • gift box
    • Wire
    • cloth bag
    • Needle x 2
    • cotton
    • double-sided tape

    The following items cannot be sent overseas because the customs do not accept the delivery of liquids, please forgive me.

    • skin wax
    • white glue
    • Shishang agent
  • detail:

    • 雙卡格設計      
    • 下方推出卡片
    • 全人手縫製    
    • 皮邊己做處理
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