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紙汽球 小牛皮收納包, 化粧包, 雜物包, 刻字服務, 客製化禮物

紙汽球 小牛皮收納包, 化粧包, 雜物包, 刻字服務, 客製化禮物


這個小包可以按您的物件變長或變高, 適合不同的場合使用, 非常實用. 用上意大利小牛皮製作,  堅挺, 柔軟適中. 不在使用時可以把這個小包按平, 易於收藏. 我們有多種字款, 符號可供選擇,  另外還可以刻上monogram (需附加費用), 更具個性.

  • freight:

    - The product price is not including the shipping fee

    - Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and mainland China are all freight on delivery, pay the freight to the courier when you receive the goods!

    - If you can't receive the goods in person and pay the shipping fee, or if the product is a gift and needs to be sent directly to a friend, please contact us to pay the shipping fee first

  • Precautions:

    - All leather will have growth lines, which are natural scars and are normal

    - In different places, lights, mobile phones, computers, the color will have color difference

    - Except for Hong Kong, courier does not accept white glue and preservatives. Therefore, overseas mail will be sent by the post office, and it is generally expected to arrive in 5-8 days.

Font Style
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Branded Color

​About Lettering/Symbols and Ironing

- 刻字: 只有字體4是有大小寫,其他字款只有大寫

- 符號/圖案:下單時在備註欄裡註明付號的號碼或聯絡我們

- 字燙金/銀服務 : (需加上加工費用,費用視乎字數而定) *注意字款只有1種喔 (如圖)

- Monogram / 圓印刻字:(需加上HKD 50, 約NT 193的加工費用)圓型直徑是 1 1/8",圓型內分三部份 (左,中,右),可刻上您名字的草簽 / 您心水的拼法

- 注意由於字粒是一顆一顆用人手手沖刻上的,我們會很盡力做到最好, 但不可能做到完美直線/整齊的,請見諒

- 如刻同一行會有皮革干擾, 會影響到刻字效果, 所以預設刻底面的底部, 如有特別要求請跟我們聯絡

- 由於字粒是用手沖壓上皮革成形,所以被壓的地方會見到痕迹 (皮底刻字, 皮面會較明顯) ,這是在所難免的, 但亦因為這樣才顯出手作刻字的價值.

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