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Why live a life without doing what you want?

"That's just a recipe for a life of misery"

About Hykcwyre (HYKC Leatherware) is a concept brand


A person who likes handmade and a person who likes calligraphy, a handmade that has been with me for a long time

The two also enjoy the fun brought by the slow pace

​ thus began the brand

      We like to create, in this fast-paced city, to catch up with time


I often miss many things and things around me, and gradually forget the original intention


A handmade wallet that accompanied me many years ago reminds us


​ should slow down and enjoy the fun of creation

Kenji likes to run and jump around since he was a child, and he likes to play with everything, big and small. His boundless curiosity led him to come into contact with different things, and he later fell in love with traveling around.


After growing up, he graduated from Ravensbourne college of fashion and communication in the UK with a master's degree in fashion design, and later engaged in fashion design. During this period, he came into contact with leather, and was deeply attracted by the timeless personality of leather, which also inspired his interest in leather art.


Kenji loves to study the details in order to create and produce the best work possible. In 2014, he decided to put down his fashion design work and devote himself to leather handicrafts, realizing his entrepreneurial dream.

As the daughter of a book writer, Cheryl has been her father's little helper since she was a child, and has learned good calligraphy. She also learned patience and carefulness from calligraphy. Cheryl, who loves animals, often participates in animal volunteers, hoping to open an animal shelter one day, save and save animals. Help small animals.

Our design inspiration comes from every industry around us. We believe that each industry has its own unique style and needs. Therefore, our design will inject their ideas, in order to produce high-quality and high-efficiency products, and optimize the life and experience of users.

We are passionate about designing high-quality travel goods, and at the same time, we also concentrate on leather and leather art, and share the joy in the process, and pass it on to the hands of customers. The products in the store are all handmade, designed, developed, cut , Grinding, dyeing, sewing, and maintenance are all done in our small studio.

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