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make trivia


The original product packaging, stamped with the company's wax seal, is completely full of artwork, and I am very satisfied with it


A famous quote needs to be embossed on the passport cover. The format of the text is scribbled.Skill


The first time I made a camera strap, many people thought it was just an ordinary strap. In fact, there is an important layer of process in the strap, which is used to support the gravity of the camera.


Although the initial form of the notebook is only used as the most basic stationery, it has attracted many inquiries from customers. Can you add another one? Can it be changed to an iPad? Can you add a USB finger? Can it be free. . .


This time I used a golden wax seal, which is a completely new feeling. Sometimes when I look at my packaging, I will be a little envious of the customers


I made 6 notebooks in one go, and it took a lot of work to polish them, but when I saw the blue color of the notebooks, I felt very satisfied


The guest wants to have a world map on the passport cover. For me, it is a small challenge. The embossing is okay, and it is the first time to make a pattern.


This time the letter pressing challenge is very high, no matter the level or strength, every letter must be very careful, if there is a little carelessness, everything will have to be done from the beginning


I made the pattern in the notebook, and I did many exercises before I dared to make it. It turns out that there is still a lot of room for leather.


The current product needs to study more designs to meet the needs of different customers (working hard ^^")


The piggy octopus set is very popular with customers. In fact, it was inspired by the pictures on the walls of the kindergarten


This is a self-developed button with a simple style and a little special visually, but at the same time, it is worried that customers will not accept new things, but it is for this reason that it has successfully attracted the curiosity of many customers


Products belonging to women are brighter in color, and many people don't know its name, but it is actually called "gold bag"


The request of foreign guests led to the appearance of a material package, and after I sent it out, I couldn't help but wonder, did the guests understand? Is the manual detailed enough? But when I saw that the customer posted the finished product, I finally felt relieved


This is a trial product for placing company employee cards. I always feel that every company should have it, because it gives people a professional feeling


On the wallet, the customer requested to make more than ten card holders. The space is estimated to be very clever, because when the cards are placed, the appearance of the wallet is not affected.


Suddenly tired of the zipper design, I made a triangular coin purse on a whim


A company will give birthday customers a cowhide passport cover every month, and I also welcome this kind of treatment very much, so that I have a stable income every month


3 days and 3 nights, marathon rush production, the workbench is full of coffee cans

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