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真皮雙層相機帶, 附軟墊, 可調長度  (可客製供不同相機形號)

真皮雙層相機帶, 附軟墊, 可調長度 (可客製供不同相機形號)


Do you like to walk around with your camera and take photos everywhere. This simple design combined with a stylish leather camera strap makes you and your camera more unique and personalized. The camera strap is suitable for a series of single-lens reflex cameras And a portable camera, which is more usable and stronger than ordinary nylon or cotton ones. And every friction and collision, sunlight exposure, and sweat marks will record every journey of yours.  in For the inner layer of the camera strap, we put a layer of soft pads, hoping that you will not increase the load on the neck due to the weight of the camera. The buckle position is also protected, and the buckle will not scratch your camera. The camera strap is suitable for Leica , Canon and most cameras, if you are not sure whether it is suitable for the camera you are using, it is recommended to contact the designer about the camera model before purchasing, so that the designer can modify it!

  • Shipping and Delivery:

    ***Price includes shipping

    About shipping:

    Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Mainland China: We usually use SF Express to deliver, and it takes about 2-5 working days to deliver. Taiwan customers need to register the APP "Yiliwei" with their real names first And provide your ID number to fill in the waybill :)

    Other countries will use Hong Kong Post to send, and it usually takes about 14-28 working days to send. (Except for special circumstances)

  • personalise:

    - This product can be engraved with your own name and simple words. The name and simple words are free.

    - If the lettering is more than 30 characters, please contact the designer, and an additional processing fee will be charged.

    - If you want to engrave some special symbols/patterns, you can tell us, we will try our best to help you achieve it!

  • 尺寸:

    長度:41" - 46 3/4 吋

  • Precautions:

    - All leather will have growth lines, insect bites,   are natural scars, which is a normal phenomenon

    - In different places, lights, mobile phones, computers, the color will have color difference

  • maintainance:

    - It is best to do maintenance every three months. You can use our complimentary leather wax or mink oil (available in leather stores) with cotton cloth, dip a little and then apply a thin layer on the leather in circles, and absorb it on the leather Repeat two more times (a total of three times).

    - Now there is a wax layer on the waxed leather, so you don’t need to maintain it, because there is a chance that the wax layer will be wiped off. You can maintain it after the wax layer absorbs/falls off. You can maintain the vegetable tanned leather first.

  • 細節:

    • 面層是堅韌的植鞣皮, 底部是柔軟的羊猄皮  
    • 可客製適合您相機的扣合方法
    • 內藏棉芯, 減少因長期使用沈重相機而引致的頸部疲勞
    • 全部皮邊經過打磨, 拋光處理
    • 相機帶長度可調整
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